Online Marketing and Web Design Portfolio.

Web Design Marketing.

Online Manager XLN Telecom Ltd

I brought my web design skills and technical background and applied it to online marketing. With training in online marketing analysis, I not only hunt down poorly converting webpages - I take direct action - designing and implementing solutions with measurable results.

But it's not just about fixing pages that aren't converting; I look for opportunities and ideas to create new campaigns that drive conversion. Take a look at some of the marketing campaigns I've created.

Obsessed with Perfection.

Design and Code junkie

To manage an online marketing channel takes more than marketing skills; an understanding of how websites perform, what HTML and CSS can and should be used for, how the technology being the site work, and the future of the online environment are all much needed skills. I began my working career building data driven web applications, moving onto HTML coding and graphic design. I keep my skills and knowledge at the cutting edge of the industry, including:

  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Responsive Website & email design
  • accessibility principles and practice
  • user experience analysis and design.

I use my knowledge in server-side scripting to automate work processes. Anything from gathering datasets from digital sources, including websites, to building web applications for internal reporting across multiple marketing channels which get used across the company. Knowing these skills allows me to work efficiently, giving me more time to focus on the important matters.


BSc Honors and Adwords Certified

I believe education to be important for building a successful career. That's why I studied a degree in BSc Web Developement and became an AdWords Certified Individual. But education is more than just the qualifications you have - it should be about building a diverse pool of knowledge.

I'm the kind of guy whos mind gets blown when I learn something new. I pick up interests in a heartbeat, and they lead me down paths that I never thought existed. We make decisions based on our understanding of the world - and by broadening that we can make better decisions. If there's were one thing I could tell you about myself, it would be that I ♥ learning. If you're REALLY interested, here's my favourite thing's I've learnt.

The story so far.

2:1 BSc Web Development

I recently completed studies for BSc Web Development with modules including media law, web design, project management, information systems design, digital media production and web application development.

University has enabled me to learn and build an appreciation for a range of disciplines. I found new interests; in developing and delivering effective presentations to engage and excite the audience, in digital photography, and in designing and analysing persuasive website designs. I developed an understanding of intellectual property rights, intergovernmental laws on the Internet, project management methodologies and report writing. I was also exposed to both good and bad teamwork scenarios which allowed me to gain experience in the practicalities of team dynamics. Outside of the required work I spent time improving and refining my technical proficiency in Photoshop, and my creative proficiency in web design and information architecture.

You've made it this far...

Will Wilson
Skype: willwilson28