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A bit about me

I have a strong skillset made up of web design, progamming, online marketing and analysis. I am experienced in managing website development projects, landing page design and optimisation, analysis on user behavior, conversion trends, and channel performance.

My skills includes Adobe Photoshop, ColdFusion, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, Sublime Text, HTML emails, website usability, accessibility and persuasiveness, and responsive web design practices.

Companies I have worked for

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XLN Telecom

I joined XLN during university to develop new and existing websites that make use of persuasive design techniques to improve user engagement and online sales. I was later promoted to Online Marketing Manager, where I worked with departments across the business and Google Industry Experts to drive growth online. My responsibilities included management of website developments to improve online conversion rates, landing page design and optimisation, analysis on user behavior, conversion trends, and channel performance. Read more...

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RS Components

I am responsible for managing functional developments across 27 international websites. I work with Opcos, distributors and developers and engage with stakeholders to support solution implementation across the Emerging Markets web platform. My role involves research, specification and management of web development projects, analysis of user behaviour, and supporting the team as a subject matter expert on web site functionality and the online environment. Read more...



I worked part-time for TalkWeb Solutions for several years before joining full-time to assist with the increased demand for web application development. Working with ColdFusion, a rapid application development language, I developed robust and innovate solutions to a range of clients’ needs. I worked independently to develop a portfolio management web application for the NHS Medicines for Children Research Network, creating new business opportunities for TalkWebSolutions as they moved to license the application nationwide. Read more...


I've been really impressed with the flair of Will's designs, how he understands the commercial angle behind each project and ability to turn around requests at speed. I look forward to working with Will on future projects.

Edward Davidson

Edward Davidson Head of Ecommerce and Digital Marketing at Havaianas Australia

Will has a great understanding of the importance of user experience and how to test and drive improved online performance. Will has a technical understanding far beyond his years, but importantly understand the 'why' - that ultimately it's about getting the user to do what you want - buy, subscribe, browse, interact. He has a design capability, a marketing understanding and a great appetite for delivering results!

James Wilson

James Wilson Entrepreneurial Sales & Marketing Director

A great developer in online application development, Will is great to work with. His rapidly growing knowledge allows us to rapidly create and deploy innovative projects.

Nick Tong

Nick Tong Chief Geek and Crowdfunder at Compare and Share